Altruistic Intelligence is a not for profit organisation that advances the field of philanthropy through the use of technology and digital resources to uplift the disadvantaged and displaced, empowering them to thrive in a digital age.
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Technology can be a disrupter as well as an enabler. There will be parts of our society that will not be able to keep pace with advancements in technology, which could lead to skills obsolescence, job losses, missed opportunities and general detachment from community. At the same time, technology when adopted can also help improve quality of life, access to opportunities and information, and greater engagement. We want to be a catalyst for change in ensuring the under-privileged are given the tools and resources to keep up with the rest of society in a digital world.
Technology is also disrupting philanthropy in making them more operationally efficient and increasing their reach in raising awareness and fundraising, through the use of data analytics, digital marketing and artificial intelligence and decisioning tools. This allows them to be more targeted in identifying and helping the needy. We want to also help empower charities to embrace technology and become world-class.
Lee Han Shih
Lee Han Shih is the Founder and Head of Potato Productions group of companies, a Singapore-based investment company with a presence in many countries including China, Brazil, USA. He also serves as a Director on the board of Lee Foundation.

Previously, Han Shih was a teacher, a civil servant in a range of government roles and a journalist with Singapore Press Holdings. He was a Senior Correspondent with The Business Times newspaper for over 20 years.
Together with our extensive network of corporate and personal philanthropy partners, we identify, fund and create meaningful programmes with charities and reputable non-profit organisations.

We curate impactful social projects for our sponsors to support.
Helping the disadvantaged develop tech competencies
Supporting social organisations in solution-building
Empowering the community to adopt tech solutions
Supporting charities to become more effective using tech
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Developing Competencies in Digital Technology
AI partners with and provides monetary gifts to Education and Training Institutes, to design and implement programs that benefit displaced workers and prepare them for re-employment.

The programs are expected to include comprehensive skills training, mentorship and career matching opportunities targeting several hundred out-of-work PMETS.
Supporting social organisations in solution-building
AI is working with tech-for-good platforms and government offices to support development and promotion of tech solutions for myriad social causes, such as sustainability, eldercare, immigrant needs and healthtech.

Tapping on grounds-up initiatives to put the best minds to create tech innovative solutions to solve problems.
Empowering the community to adopt technology
AI provides grants to community and grassroots organisations to develop programs that benefit isolated senior citizens through technology.

Technology has brought about efficiencies to many, but also left some behind who cannot keep up. We need to do more for groups such as senior citizens: such as creating programs where student volunteers teach the elderly how to use the Internet, or to roll out smart home devices that can aid senior citizens. We work with partners such as the CDC & silver generation office to design these solutions.
Supporting charities to become more effective using tech
AI supports charities that wish to use tech solutions to increase their effectiveness and outreach, and become more data-driven in their approach

The charity sector often are focused on giving and not on investing in building up its infrastructure. We are keen to work with charities to employ tech solutions to professionalize their management, such as the use of data analytics, digital marketing, artificial intelligence and decisioning tools. We partner with tech companies to provide support as well as training.
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Be part of our mission
If you have a great idea that addresses a social need through tech, or want to partner with us to multiply your charitable efforts, we’re all ears!
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